Here you'll find links to all the projects latest resources. As the project continues, we'll be posting presentations, publications, as well as regular newsletters about what the project's been doing.

2019 - Gift from the gods? Dyslexia, popular culture and the ethics of representation. Disability & Society (link)

2019 - Literacy, advocacy and agency: The campaign for political recognition of dyslexia (1962-97). Social History of Medicine (link)

2019 - Worried mothers? Gender, class and the origins of the 'dyslexia myth'. Oral History (link)

2018 - A brief history of dyslexia. The Psychologist (link)

2018 - A brief history of dyslexia and the role women played in getting it recognised. The Conversation (link, republished here)

2018 - A historical perspective on dyslexia. The Oxford Historian (link)

2018 - What's in a name? The history of dyslexia. History Today (link)

2017 - Charting the rich history of dyslexia advocacy. Pacific Standard (link)


2019 - The Dyslexia Archive: A project update. St John's College, Oxford (download)

2019 - Oral histories: The gender history of the 'dyslexia myth'. Department of Education, Oxford (download)

2018 - The Word Blind Centre and the campaign for recognition of dyslexia. BDA International Conference (download)

2018 - Trouble with words: The campaign for recognition of dyslexia in the 20th century. Magdalen College, Oxford (download)

2017 - Dyslexia, language and learning to read. Australian National University (download)

2016 - The Dyslexia Archive: Introducing a new project in the history of dyslexia. Dyslexia Guild Conference (download)

2014 - The UK Dyslexia Archive. BDA International Conference (download)

2018 - Newsletter 7: October (download)

2018 - Newsletter 6: July (download)

2018 - Newsletter 5: April (download)

2018 - Newsletter 4: January (download)

2017 - Newsletter 3: October (download)

2017 - Newsletter 2: July (download)

2017 - Newsletter 1: April (download)