In Memory

Through the Archive, we're making sure that the contributions of all those who have worked to gain political and scientific recognition for dyslexia are recorded. This includes interviews with those we've been fortunate enough to talk to in person, as well as those who have now passed.

Here, we keep a list of those whose names are found across the Archive, but who are no longer with us. For each, we've provided a link to some more about their lives. We're also making sure that those featured here, and others, are remembered through the project's publications.

As elsewhere, the collection here is only partial. If you'd like to share your memories of anyone else in the dyslexia story, please let us know.

Helen Arkell (1920-2019)

Frank Augur (1933-2017)

Jean Augur (1934-1993)

Walter Bramley (-2005)

Macdonald Critchley (1990-1997)

Wendy Fisher (1925-2010)

Dorothy Gilroy

Nata Goulandris (1940-2005)

Kathleen Hickey

Maisie Holt (1900-2003)

Beve Hornsby (1915-2004)

Tim Miles (1923-2008)

Freda Newcombe (1925-2001)

Margaret Newton (1919-2006)

Susan Parkinson (1925-2012)

Peter Pumfrey (1928-2015)

Mary Warnock (1924-2019)

Marion Welchman (1915-1997)