Image credits

Academy of Medical Sciences. Baroness Mary Warnock. Cropped (link)

Adrian Pingstone. Houses of Parliament. Cropped (link)

And All That Jazz-X. [Untitled]. Cropped (link)

Andrys. [Untitled]. Cropped (link)

Brookie. Millfield House. Cropped (link)

Clendening Library Portrait collection. Adolph Kussmaul. Cropped (link)

Clendening Library Portrait Collection. Rudolph Berlin. Cropped (link)

Policy Exchange. Jim Rose. Cropped (link)

Ron Brinkmann. Paperback bookshelf. Cropped & modified (link)

Sci ELO. MacDonald Critchley. Cropped (link)

Seaford Museum. William Pringle Morgan (link)

St John’s College. Maggie Snowling. Cropped (link)

Tiberiu Ana. Dyslexia. Cropped (link)

Velela. University from Bangor Mountain. Cropped (link)

Wellcome Images. British Medical Journal. Cropped (link)


All others by private donation to the UK Dyslexia Archive.